Icon Activism

Hey app developers, I appreciate that you are people with hopes and dreams and passions. However, the home screen on my phone is not an appropriate place for you to express your politics.

I gave you consent (and likely money) to place and execute your code on my device to provide me with specific functionality. I'm pretty picky, so congratulations, your app was the best I could find that did that thing.

As part of that bargain, you have to identify your app visually so I can find it. To that end, I am happy to have on my device your logo or a picture that hints at what the app does.

I do NOT consent to you modifying that logo to indicate your support for some political cause. I might actually agree with your political cause, but you crossed a line. My device screen is not an appropriate place for your political statements. So cut that shit out.

Free apps which violate this rule, get deleted and a 1-star review on the app store. Paid apps get bad reviews.